Onion Marmalade Tudor Style


Indulge in the rich and sticky sweetness of our 1559 Tudor-Style Onion Marmalade, a condiment that adds a delightful savoury twist to your cheeseboard or breakfast. This marmalade is not just any culinary creation; it’s a taste of history, carefully crafted from a recipe discovered by chance.

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Many years ago, a letter dated 1823 was found tucked within the pages of a book acquired at auction. Inside that letter, a tiny piece of vellum, inscribed in old English, fell out. After three to four years of passionate experimentation and tasting, this exceptional onion marmalade was born. It is believed to trace its origins back to 1559, marking the beginning of the Elizabethan era.

Our 1559 Tudor-Style Onion Marmalade is more than just a condiment; it’s a journey through time. It makes for the perfect gift, especially for history enthusiasts or those with a palate yearning for something uniquely different. Revel in the flavours of centuries past, and experience the culinary heritage of the Elizabethan era with each savoury bite.

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