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Our Story

A passion for cooking that's found in every product we sell.

How we started

Our Founder

Apra Ames Roberts, Director of award-winning Happy Hedgehog Foods. After studying history and archaeology in her early years, she immersed herself in historical re-enactments across the United Kingdom.  After years of extensive training she became a swordmaster and fight choreographer for Film & theatre as well as large re enactment events. As she became older she stepped back from the fight aspect of history, concentrating on the history of foods and the flavours that created it. From these events, she developed a love for cooking using age-old ingredients to create delicious modern days twists on long-forgotten recipes. 

Her inspirations come from a rich family history that she wanted to highlight. Her father was a fisherman and his family are direct descendants of the original cave dwellers from the Great orme Llandudno. A great many of Apra’s recipes are inspired by her rich family’s’ history which goes back hundreds of years.

A one-time fire eater, Rave DJ and knife juggler, her career paths have taken as many turns as she has vinegars. After years of creating preserves, balsamic and apple cider vinegars as gifts for friends and family, she decided the time had come to create for the wider marketplace.


Limitless imagination

A Hedgehog is born

In 2018, Happy Hedgehog Foods Ltd was borne via a rather old, but quite sizeable jam pan. From this cauldron of magic, unthinkable jams and preserves were concocted. More kitchen alchemy led to the creation of our unique brand of fruit-flavoured apple cider vinegar that is bursting with sweetness and flavour. All products made at Happy Hedgehog Foods have their own personal story and fascinating histories.

You often find Apra running the Happy Hedgehog Café and shop on a weekday, however, her spare time is reserved for devising and perfecting new delicious recipes. 

An infusion of flavours

Call us perfectionists

All our fruit-flavoured apple cider vinegar are steeped and turned by hand on a daily basis for a period of no less than six months, with the exception of our Balsamics which can take between 18- 24 months to create each batch. We are so proud of the fact that there is no adding, cooking or mixing in our making process. All our vinegars are created without any form adulteration, plenty of patience and an awful lot of TLC. 


We’re just getting started

It is our devotion to flavour that has helped to create an addictive, distinctive taste.

In 2021 we were one of only ten producers in Wales to be awarded three stars commended for our Strawberry Balsamic. Our Hot Sauce was also a winning taste, receiving a star.

In 2022 we received one star for our Raspberry Sweet and Raspberry Balsamic Vinegar as well as proudly collaborating with Trolls Bottom Mead on their Plum Mead which was awarded two stars from Great Taste Awards!

In 2023 our success seemed to really grow with us receiving a two star for our Sweet Raspberry apple cider vinegar AND our Raspberry Balsamic. We were also awarded a two star for our Mango apple cider vinegar and our sweet Hot sauce. 

Proud to be a women-led team


Company Director
"It's not often people get to make a business out of their passion but I'm fortunate to do that every day with Happy Hedgehog Foods and I'm so thankful."


With a wealth of business experience, Dianne makes sure the management and day-to-day tasks of Happy Hedgehog Foods run smoothly and on time. She is also the grower and overseer of the fruit produce used in the products.


As an owner of Heskin Hall in Chorley, Lynne understands the complexities of running a business. She is a trusted advisor to Apra’s vision, and her reputation amongst her peers is as a well-respected events organiser.


Beth runs her own online marketing company over at Populi Media. She ensures Happy Hedgehog is seen in all the right places, including the development of this website. Like what you see? Get in touch at: [email protected]
Only one word to describe these is DELICIOUS never tasted anything near as nice, the only problem which to choose for the larger size.
Customer Product Review
Apple Cider Vinegar
I bought this chocolate for a dear friend of mine who is 88yrs young. She was absolutely delighted with it. Thank you so much.
Customer Product Review
WW2 Milk Chocolate 1940’S Ration Style

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